9th June, 2020 | Bank Import Update, Keep back fix & more

System - Keepback: For those that include GST in their admin, letting & inspection charges, we found an issue where the keep back was not including the GST amount and would, therefore, fall short with the amount that was held back for pending charges.

Moving forward, you can expect the system to 'keep back' the full amount for pending charges (taking GST into consideration where applicable).

Transactions - Payment Expense: We found an issue with the 'maintenance' percentage not updating when processing a payment expense with the rapid entry function. If you use this process, you can expect the percentage to update as you select a new property.

Reports - Overdue Rent: We've changed this report to now take upcoming rent changes into consideration. Previously, the 'owing' amounts would not be accurate if there was an upcoming rent change as the system would not look at this figure. 

Property Diary - Invoice Documents: For those that use our owner portal we found that the online toggle was triggered to change to NO when making certain changes to the diary entry. We've fixed this issue, so you can expect your invoices to remain online unless it is manually changed.

Work Order - Search function: When using the Work Order search function, you can now successfully search by using the suppliers First & Last name as well as the company name to effectively find your work order. This is yet to be implemented to the Document Flow area but it is in the pipeline.

System - Money/Decimal values: A quick change made to those fields in the system that use a decimal point like money values. You will note that the system will now automatically set things to be in the correct decimal formatting i.e 12 will change to 12.00 where applicable

Dashboard - Reminders (Naming convention): We understand how hard it can be to identify who some reminders belong to when there is a long description. To help, we have made a restriction to what is displayed from the description and instead made the property address more evident so that you can easily see who the reminder is for.

Bank Import - Matching Screen: A new layout design to make the matching of tenants a little easier and to navigate through.


Bank Import - Apply Commission: Along with the minor re-design, we've also added the ability to apply commission to Receipt Tenancy transactions.

Reports - Owner Statements: We've added a couple of new features to the owner statement area.
You will now see a new 'save' button, that will allow you to make any changes to this area and save them without needing to 'generate' the statements. With this, you will now have a quick confirmation message when generating your statements to confirm the settings you have put in place:


System - Search Lists: You will now be able to use the user code to search within ALL entity lists (Owner, Property & Tenant). 

Transaction - Invoice Supplier: There is a scenario that happens quite often. An invoice has charged against a property and paid out to a supplier in error. The Supplier is paying the money back into your trust account. In Palace you need to reverse the incorrect invoice to make a negative against the owner (that reimburses the owner for the incorrect invoice) which allows you to process a negative payment that acts as a receipt and allows you to reconcile (Clear as mud, right?)

Linked to the user authority 'Transactions (payment) and only valid if you use strict audit, you will now be prompted with the below pop-up that will allow you to temporarily set your supplier to have a negative balance and allow you to process through a negative payment supplier transaction to bring it back to $0.00.


Transactions - Invoice Supplier: We have disabled the ability to adjust the GST portion within this transaction type as you should not have been able to edit this. 

Trade Me: We continue to work on our Trade Me in this release and have made some adjustments for a more robust experience with your uploads, updates & removals for listings.

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