13th February, 2020 | Net Off Toggle, Login Screen & Inspection Photos

Transactions - Net Off Toggle: By default, if you have an owner with multiple properties, the system will net off the balances between them when payments are run and all properties are left with an even balance. If you have strict audit set to no, you will now see a new toggle to stop this process from going ahead.


Find out more about this by clicking here
If you're not 100% about how Net-off works, click here to have a full read into the details.

Owner - New: We encountered an issue with creating new owners in the system, where if you did not have the 'company portfolio' setting, you would not be able to see the owner straight away. This was related to the primary user permissions within the system, which has now been updated and will continue to work as expected.

Transactions - Tenancy Invoice: If you use the tracking system for tenant invoices, you will be pleased to know that any invoices (including repetitive invoices) created via the tenant diary will now be created as 'Tracked invoices' as well.

Transactions - Payment Bond: A minor change but one that will make life easier for everyone. When using the Payment Bond Transaction type, you will now be able to 'sort' each column.


Client Portal - Receipt Tenancy Invoice: We found an issue where any 'Receipt Tenancy Invoice' transactions assigned to the owner, would not show within their portal login. This has been updated will continue to show on the portal as expected.

System - Error: If you are trying to access a file that cannot be opened, you will now be presented with the below error.

System - Performance Updates: We have made changes to the back end of the system to improve the overall performance of the keys & property screens. You should notice improvements within these screens with loading/saving times.

We have also, made performance updates to the diaries area to assist with faster loading times.

Login Screen: A quick update to our login screen, where you can now easily find all our release notes and all the details for our most recent update.



Inspections - Photos: Along with the recent changes we've made to photos within an inspection report (Reducing the file size), we have also introduced a quick and easy way to select/deselect all photos as you need and the ability to download all the photos with a couple of easy clicks.Snip20200213_58.png

Document Workflow - Multiple:

  • If a tenant is set to NOT be charged for water, you will no longer receive a DD exception for any workflow invoices.
  • You will now be able to successfully process an invoice for a negative amount via the workflow
  • In our last update, we made changes to the loading of the workflow list. Unfortunately, this caused issues with exceptions not being 'cleared' even after being actioned. This has been updated and will work as expected.
  • Tenancy Due Date will now be calculated correctly based on the current date of the transaction being processed.




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