Handy Palace Tips: Easy Navigation & Refresh Your Reports

Easy Navigation with Multiple Palace Windows

Whether you are in the middle of doing the daily banking and need to look up tenancy details, or perhaps sending a breach email and need to attach a report - opening a new Palace window is easy and allows you to find what you need without closing out of what you are doing. There are a few different ways you can do this:

  • Firstly navigate to the link you want to open, ie: Current Tenancies
  • Drag the Current Tenancies link up to create a new tab
  • Right-click on the Current Tenancies link and select to "Open in a new tab"
  • Click on the Current Tenancies link with the "middle wheel" button of your mouse



Refresh your Reports to Bring Through New Information

If you've generated a report in Palace and find that you need to amend some information, leave the report open while you do so. All you need to do is come back to the report window and refresh the page to see the new information appear. This saves you time from having to select all the necessary filters to regenerate that same report from scratch. The example below shows entering a vacate date for this to show on a tenant details report.

Note: You can save a copy of the report before you refresh the screen if you need to see the "pre-change" information too.


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