Follow-up Dates on Emails Received into Palace & Save and View

Follow-up dates on emails received into Palace

If you receive email replies into your Palace inbox you'll find the follow-up dates useful to remind yourself to action certain tasks - like checking a tenant has paid their rent arrears when they say they will.
When you are in the email, there is an option to add a follow-up date. The date you enter will generate a reminder on your dashboard for that date. Remember you can add follow-up dates on emails you send out of Palace too.



Save and View

Tucked away under the More dropdown menu within Owner, Property, Tenant and Supplier profiles is the option to Save and View. This allows you to save the profile and remain within that profile, rather than saving and closing out of the profile and then having to search again to check the changes you made. You also have the option to Save and New, this allows you to save the profile and then load a brand new one without having to navigate anywhere else in Palace.


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