13th December, 2019 | Email Auto Reply & Document Workflow Updates

Dashboard - Approval Tab: If you have invoices waiting in your approval tab that are no longer needed, you will now have the ability to 'delete' the invoice directly from the approvals tab. You will now see a new 'drop-down' menu that shows the option to delete the invoice followed by a quick confirmation pop-up before proceeding with the action.

Keys - Checked out with....: If you check out a key against a supplier, you could easily see these details from the Keys (User) area, under the 'checked out' tab. Unfortunately, if you were checking these details within the relevant property screen, this info was not displayed. We've made changes so that the supplier name will now show within the property and you can easily identify 'who' the key is checked out with.


Reports -  Tenant Invoice Report: We've fixed an issue with the Tenancy Invoices report for individual tenants so that you can now successfully export the report into excel format.

Document Flow - User: A quick update to fix the user assignment area. We found an issue where the user assignment was not working as expected, even after the property would match successfully. You can now expect to see the correct user linked to an invoice when the property details have been matched.

Property - Rent Rate: When entering a vacate date against a tenant, you will now be presented with a new pop-up to ask if you would like to update the 'property rent' field to match the vacating tenants 'current rent'

User - Auto Reply: Just in time for the holiday break, we've added a new Autoreply shortcut that can now be accessed within the 'inbox' screen. This will allow each user to set up, edit & remove their out of office details as they want without needing access to the 'users' area.


Document Workflow: We've made a lot of changes to our workflow area which should improve the overall use of this feature. These changes include:

  • When approving or saving invoices, the screen will no longer 'refresh' the whole list but instead update that single record. This means, matching or updating individual invoices will be a lot faster.
  • The description field currently picks up information from Maintenance Manager that is not needed ie MMGR ID & Reference #. These will no longer be picked up and the main 'invoice' details will remain as expected.
  • Invoices in the workflow that result in 'no transaction' being generated, will now be removed from the workflow screen and the attachment saved in the diary successfully.
  • The columns within the workflow will now be available to use for sorting in numerical or alphabetical order.

Client Portal: We've made some adjustments to the client portal area. When activating owners, we will now by default 'ignore' any owners without an email address or owners with 'invalid' addresses, as these will cause errors with the activation process. 

Work Order - Include Fees: We have a new toggle within the work order screen which allows you to determine whether fees are to be added or not when the job is due to be invoiced.

Essentially, when the toggle is set to yes, the invoice that is created from the work order will charge a maintenance % based on the property commission field or the supplier flat fee amount.
If the toggle is set to no, there is no maintenance % charged at all.


Save & Close / Process: We've had issues with screen lagging and duplicate entries being created as a result of our 'action' buttons being clicked multiple times. To avoid this issue, we have 'disabled' our 'action' buttons upon the initial click.

Custom Views: We've also fixed up the email filter for our Tenancy Custom Views, where previously it was displaying tenants with the incorrect data

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