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The following documentation describes how best to connect to Microsoft PowerBI.  Please be aware that Palace expertise does not extend to the use of PowerBI other than to connect our API services.  Please contact Microsoft or related 3rd parties that specialize in PowerBI if you require further training in this area.

 Pre-requisites:  You must have the latest version of Microsoft PowerBI to follow the documentation published below.

  • Open PowerBI, select 'Get Data' and then 'Web' from the following menu...



  • Select 'Basic' from the following menu and type in any endpoint described in our REST (XML & JSON) API documentation (Example below...)


  • The 'Access Web content' menu will then be displayed.  Please select 'Basic' and type in an API 'Username' and 'Password' provided by Palace as well as the base URL (https://api.getpalace.com).  If you do not have authentication details, please request one at api-feeds@getpalace.com for your company.


  • If you have selected an endpoint that returns records you should receive a query that you will be able to convert to a table by right-clicking on the 'List' and converting to a 'Table' (Then expand).


Please contact experts in PowerBI to obtain further training in this area.


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