How To Make Property Management Groups

In Palace you can create Property Management Groups to help separate your property out for reports etc.

This will have to be done manually 1 property at a time through your database. 

To set up the Groups  you can do this by; 
Clicking into any one of your Properties Edit screens where you add the maintenance and management fees of the property. 
Once in there go to the right-hand side to the Management section
Next to the "Group" dropdown, there is an (Add New) button. 

In this area, you can add each of the groups you wish to have in Palace to group your properties. Once you have added these all in and saved the changes you can use the Drop Down to select the Group in which you wish the property you are on to be grouped into. 

Now when you go into each Property Edit screen you can just use the drop-down and select the group for that particular property to be added too. 

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