Document Workflow - Detecting Duplicates

Detection Process

The 'Document Workflow' process has the ability to detect duplicates and log the results to the 'Change Log' report when this happens.  An invoice is considered a 'Duplicate' if the following subsequent data is the same in the following fields...

  • Invoice Amount (DiaryInvoiceTotalAmountIncludingGST)
  • Invoice Date (DiaryInvoiceDate)
  • Invoice Reference (DiaryInvoiceReferenceNumber)
  • Invoice Supplier Identifier (DiaryInvoiceSupplierName)
  • Invoice Property Identifier (DiaryInvoiceAccountNumber)

ALL of these fields must be the same for the invoice to be considered a duplicate.  If a duplication is detected within our system the API will not return a response indicating this duplication has occurred.  The invoice will NOT be inserted and an entry will be added to the 'Change Log' indicating this has occurred.  The change log can be accessed from the following location and the entry will look like this...


Entry in Change Log...


If an 'expected' document is not showing in the 'Document Workflow' inbox, the first place to check is the 'Change Log' report to see if it has been 'caught' by our 'Duplication Detection' process.


NOTE: In future we plan to provide a new contract in the API with a response to let the 3rd Party know if an invoice has been caught by our 'Duplication' process.  At the time of writing this article this has NOT been prioritized with a expected time frame as to when this will be available.




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