Setting up Debitsuccess

Debitsuccess is a company which Palace has integrated with which enables your organisation to draw payments from your customer’s accounts on a regular basis via Direct Debits.  The customer authorises payments to be collected automatically from their credit card or bank account, keeping you in control of the payment process and cash flow, and ensuring payments are collected on time.

You must have an account with Debitsuccess

To setup Debitsuccess in Liquid Palace navigate to System > Settings > Integrations where you will find the button for "Setup Debitsuccess".



From this screen you will find fields for all of the credentials that debit success provides you on sign-up. There are also two fields for the 'Special Conditions' and 'Benefits' text. 

Once you enter these details and click 'Save Changes', Palace will connect to your Debitsuccess customer account. 

Signing up Tenants

Once the system is set up for Debitsuccess, a new link will appear in the Tenancy Edit screen if they are set to Direct Debit. This is to sign up a tenant to Debitsuccess. The signup process is applicable to all tenants in the tenancy and both head tenants and sub-tenants are considered separate.


Debitsuccess requires certain information before they can successfully sign up a tenant and direct debit their account. These are the fields that they require

  • Date of Birth - Found in 'Extended Details'
  • AP Details- Rent Amount- Found in 'Payment Details'
  • AP Details - Expected Date - Found in 'Payment Details and must be current
  • Home Phone Number - Found in the edit screen, must be valid with a country code
  • Mobile Phone Number - Found in the 'Edit' screen, the tenant must have an email address
  • Property Address - Found in the Property, must be a full address including the City

On sign-up, Palace will create a Rent Receipt for the first Debitsuccess direct debit. This is a one-off schedule that is used to help validate the tenancy but also complete the first Direct Debit.

An email is also sent to the Tenant to finish the signup. Please see below;

Email Notification

Palace sends an email to the Tenant which contains a link to the Debitsuccess sign- up site. This needs to be completed by the Tenant before any transactions will process through Debitsuccess. You can personalise the wording of this template through System > Email Templates. 


The Debitsuccess side of the sign- up contains a few steps that the Tenant must complete. 

  • Confirmation of Direct Debit
  • Customer Details (read-only so that no information can be changed)
  • Payment Details (bank account entry and authorization)
  • Terms and Conditions


Processing Direct Debits to Debitsuccess

When the Debitsuccess integration is active, you can process direct debits through to Debitsuccess from the Online File area. 

Process your Direct Debits from Transactions > Tenant DD Entries as per the DD Instructions (please click here) and then Navigate to the Online File area. You will now see that there is a second item in the System Banks drop-down with 'Debitsuccess'.


Tenants who are not signed up to Debitsuccess will still appear in your normal Bank Online- File, as per usual. 

Tenants who are signed up will appear in the Debitsuccess list. 


The 'Generate' button has been changed to 'Process' which when clicked will process the direct debits through to Debit Success. 

Debitsuccess handles the direct debits from here. Once the transaction has cleared, Palace will automatically present the rent receipt on the day it clears. Be aware that it will take up to 3 days for the transactions to clear. 

If the transaction does not clear for any reason, Palace will automatically reverse the related transaction. The receipt and the reversal transaction will sit in your unpresented list- remember to present down both of these if the transaction dishonoured. You will also see the dishonour in the Debitsuccess Portal. 

Regenerating from History

It is possible to regenerate Direct Debits from the History in Palace. The system will allow you to select the transactions from the History List and 'Recreate Direct Debit Online File'.


The system will automatically pick up the tenants who are signed up for Debitsuccess and move those entries into the Debitsuccess list in the Online File area. 

Please Note: Palace does not check for duplicate direct debits. It is still possible to process the same direct debit transaction through to Debitsuccess. You must carefully check your list before processing.




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