21st November 2019 | Bank Import improvements & Tenant Invoice changes

Bank Import: We found an issue with the bank import process relating to tenancy invoices. When assigning receipts to tenancy invoices, you had the ability to assign funds to 'negative' invoices which would result in 'additional' funds being receipted. Moving forward, the system will now ignore 'negative' invoices.

We've also made minor updates to the matching process so that tenants are unlikely to be 'unmatched' when there is a slight change in their references etc. 

Transactions - Tenancy Documents: When creating a 'tenancy invoice' within the same screen as a property invoice, Palace would attach any documents linked to the transaction to both the property & tenant diaries. 

This was incorrect as the invoice document only belongs in the property diary and because of this process, it would often create issues with the document being opened and linked to the relevant transactions.

Moving forward, the original attachment will still be emailed to the tenant (along with the Palace invoice) if/when you tell the system to do so, however, the 'invoice document' diary entry will only be saved in the property diary and will now be linked to the transactions as expected.


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