System Setting - To allow you to archive a Tenant with Invoices Owing

Sometimes you have outstanding invoices for tenants that you know you will never get the money once they leave, or you may be chasing it but only get paid by the Debt company every couple of months.

You can now archive a tenant with an Invoice owing. There are certain rules that apply

The system must allow tenancies to be archived regardless of their current ‘tenancy invoice’ balance, where the below criteria have all been met:
(a) The tenant has a vacate date
(b) The tenant does not have a current balance in the Tenancy Bond Ledger
(c)The tenant does not have a current balance in a ‘Bond’ type ledger - Incl. O/P Rent Ledger

How to set it up

Under System - then settings 

Management tab as below


 Once you have set it up you can go through and archive some tenants. When archiving a tenancy, there should be a pop up that says the below for the user to confirm the action:
'This ‘Tenancy’ has outstanding ‘Other Amounts’ owing. Are you sure you want to ‘Archive’?'

If there is no money in any bond ledgers then the tenant will just archive and now be found in the Archive list.

If there is money in a bond ledger you will get the following error

Then you need to go sort that out before you can archive.

This is all recorded in the Change Log

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