14th November, 2019 | Performance Update & Ability to archive a tenant with other amounts

Tenancy - Ability to archive with 'Other Amounts Owing': Archiving existing management always begins with a tenancy, where you need to archive the tenant before being able to archive the property and then finally archiving the owner. There is a problem, however, if your tenant's other amounts owing balance is not $0.00 and you really needed to archive the tenancy, yesterday.

The quick and easy answer has been, to write the invoice off and bring the balance to $0.00 manually.
What if, you need to have this amount showing as 'owing' and still be able to archive the tenant? 

Well, we have you covered with the introduction of a new system setting:


When turned on, this setting will allow you to archive a tenant with other amounts owing where the following criteria is met: Tenant has a vacate date, Tenancy Bond amount is $0.00 (paid/outstanding) & Tenant has no amounts in a Bond Type ledger. Find out a bit more by clicking here

Report - Fee Projection: We found an issue where the Maintenance Fees section was missing from the report. This has been fixed and will show up on all future Fee Projection reports that are generated.

Transactions - Overpaid Rent: We found an issue with some of the automatic refund rent transactions, where the gst & fees were not calculated correctly. After some investigation, we were able to find the problem and resolve it - Everything should now be working as expected.

Reports - Tenancy Invoices (Tracked & Non-Tracked): To keep things consistent, we've updated the agent filter in this area so that it is looking at the primary agent under the property and no longer the agent for the owner.

Performance Update: Continuing with the updates to the program, we've made some changes to the Inbox & Document Workflow counter (top blue banner).

Previously, the counter would 'calculate' upon every click within Palace and would subsequently slow things down. To improve this, we have changed it so the counter will 'sync' on its own every 10-15 mins which will mean everything else should start loading at a faster speed. As of this release, you should notice a huge speed improvement within the system and general navigation. As the email counter will update automatically on its own, don't be alarmed if your number of unread emails does not change straight away after reading/archiving multiple emails.

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