How to Archive a Property

Once you have finished with a property you can archive it. You must archive the tenant first, then the property. You cannot archive the property if there has been any transactions in the current month. You will also need to make the property inactive first.

  • Click on the Property so you are in the Property Edit screen
  • Click on the Status dropdown  (halfway down the left-hand column)
  • Change to Inactive and then Save and Close  - this will bring up a box where you can enter the Property Lost Date, Reason and any comments you wish to add. 
  • This information is included in reports in the Insights area called Property Won and Lost.
  • Click Save.
  • If transactions are all clear you can archive. To do this click the drop-down next to the property and then archive. If there have been transactions within this month you will need to archive after the next month-end has rolled over. 
  • If it tells you, that you cannot archive - below is the list of what the reasons could be:
    There is a still a balance on the property or owner
    There is an overdrawn balance on the Property or Owner
    There is a pending Invoice still
    There is a tenant still attached
    There are transactions within the current month

You will need to sort any of the above to archive

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