4th March, 2020 - Google Single Sign-on, Batch Reversals and more!

Google Single Sign-on: Upon logging in today, you would've noticed a new button next to your normal 'sign in' button. this is a new way to sign into Palace if you have a Google account and wish to link this with Palace. Some of you may be familiar with this process from other sites such as Facebook who offer the same option. You're essentially setting up a single sign-on option to Palace by logging in using your Google account and adding a layer of security whilst you're at it.

Read more about this setup, by clicking here

User - Passwords: Speaking of security layers, we have now introduced a new password requirement that will need to be met for any new users or any existing users that wish to reset their passwords.
We will now require the below:

  • 8 Characters in length
  • Contains at least 3 of the following 4 types of characters
    Lower case, Upper case, Numbers or a Special character 

Transactions - Reversals Part 1: If you use Direct Debits, you may be used to receiving a lot of dishonours every so often. We know how tedious it is to have to reverse each dishonor. So we've introduced the ability to run batch reversals on certain transaction types (Receipt Rent & Receipt Tenancy Invoice).

We call this part 1 as you will need to use the drop-down menu to reverse any single transactions for now, until part 2 is released later this week.

Here's a quick preview of the batch reversal function in action:


Fast connect: We encountered an issue with the street name-value of a property which caused issues with fast-connect applications. We have fixed this bug and all should be working as expected moving forward.

Transactions - Payment Supplier: A minor change but one that will make life a bit easier for everyone. When using the Single Payment supplier Transaction type, you will now be able to select all or de-select all from your invoice list.


Tenancy - New Setup: Ever find it a hassle, when you're setting up a new tenant and upon clicking on payment details, the system would 'Save & Close' on you which meant that you would need to search for this tenant and edit them again before being able to enter their payment details? We agree!
So we've changed this so you can do the whole tenant setup all in one go without being kicked out of the page.

Bulk Merge - SMS: We found an issue with the Bulk SMS process. If you send a bulk SMS to your clients, these texts would be successfully sent and received by your recipients, however, in the relevant entity diary, they were all saved as a 'draft'.

After a bit of digging around, we managed to locate the issue and implemented the required fix.
Moving forward, all bulk SMS runs will be marked as 'sent' in the relevant diary.

Transactions - Payment Expense: For those that use the 'Payment expense' transaction, we've made a very quick update to this area, where you will now be able to adjust the management % as you need.

Property - New: We've had a lot of cases recently with duplicated properties being created with no associated owner. We believe we have identified the issue behind and have implemented a fix to prevent this from happening in the near future.

Transactions - Payment Owner: Every now and then, you will find yourselves paying your weekly owners a day before their EOM payments are due. This, of course, has a bit of a problem as far as the 'transaction date' goes, as the system picks up that the dates are the same and refuses to process anything as a part of our duplication prevention feature. We've made a minor change to where we look, for this info. From now on, the system will focus in on the 'calendar date' of the transaction and no longer at the manually entered transaction date. This means you will now be able to pay your weekly and EOM owners without any hiccups.

Transactions - Invoice Supplier: When entering invoice supplier transactions with attachments, this creates a diary entry where the transaction is linked to the diary file. From now on, if you were to reverse the invoice supplier transaction, we will now also unlink the attachment from the transaction and delete this from the relevant diary, hopefully, saving you a step or two.

Document workflow -Possible Duplicates: When entering invoices via the workflow area, we have taught the system to detect potential duplicate invoices to avoid any double-ups.
What we found, however, was that if you had a tenant invoice, despite selecting no to create the invoice-supplier transaction, the tenant invoice would still be created.

We have fixed this issue and this process will run as expected.

Reports - Portfolio Summary: You will now be able to successfully export this report in excel format no matter which filters are used.

System Setting - Receipt Tenancy Invoice: When using the 'Receipt Tenancy Invoice' transaction type, you have a choice of where you would like the funds allocated to - i.e Owners account, Bond Ledger or Fee Ledger. We've introduced a new system setting that will hopefully make life easier, which allows you to choose, which one of these options will be your default option. When processing a manual 'receipt tenancy invoice' transaction, this drop-down will match your system setting.

NOTE: This does not affect your bank import or normal invoice assigning process.
If the default is a Bond or Fee Ledger, the user will still need to select which ledger it needs to go to from the list.


Transactions - Receipt Tenancy Multiple: When entering a cash or EFTPOS entry via the receipt tenant multiple options, the remittance generated would spread out over two pages. This has been updated and fixed and will now fit on the one page as expected.


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