Tracked Invoices vs Non-Tracked Invoices


When an Invoice Tenancy transaction is created in Palace, it sits against the tenant record waiting for payment. 

You have a choice of making it a tracked invoice or just leaving it as it.

Tracked Invoice means that each invoice the tenant has loaded against their name will show separately for you to receipt against. This way you know which invoice has been paid and which one is still outstanding.

The other choice is to not run Tracked Invoices, this means all the money owed is lump as one sum against the tenant, when the tenant pays, the money is just taken off the total owing, you have no record of which invoice has been paid or not paid.

For Water Rates we recommend running Tracked Invoices.

How to Turn Tracked Invoices On

This is a setting in System Settings

  1. Click on System- Settings
  2. Go to the "Setting" tab
  3. Change the Tenancy charge tracking toggle to YES
  4. Click Save Changes. 

Please note: This will make all invoices tracked from this moment on (although you do have a choice in each screen to turn off tracked invoices for a particular invoice). 

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