18th October, 2019 | Custom Views update, Emails & more

Custom Views: One of the most used areas in Palace is our custom views, where it is used for custom reporting, bulk emails or even bulk SMS reminders. Unfortunately, this area is also known to run slow when loading the required data in your custom view and can often 'timeout'. 

We've been working hard on our end to create a better experience for everyone and have found a way to improve the performance of the custom views area. This means, as of today, you should notice some major changes with the loading times of your custom views which will subsequently create a smoother experience for you when running your bulk merges or custom reporting.

Emails: When sending an email via single or bulk mail merge, images that are embedded into the body of the email, like your signatures, were often received by the recipient in the email itself and again as an attachment. Unfortunately, the 'attachment' was unable to be opened and would result in confusion by the recipient. We have updated the way this works in Palace, so that the email will no longer strip the image and have it show as an additional attachment.

Emails (Forwarding): We found an issue with saving a 'forwarded' email. When a user forwards an email from the dairy but decides to save this as a draft to be sent at a later date/time, we found the 'to' address would not be saved successfully. We've updated this and all content in a forwarded email will be saved as expected.

Transaction Pop-ups: Entering transactions and receiving a notification to tell you that you have no reports to download or that there is no keep-back to reduce can get quite annoying, after all, it's one extra click that isn't really needed. Well, we've removed these pop-ups and you will now only see pop-ups that require action i.e Downloading reports

Online file (User payments): You will now be able to generate and re-generate an online file for user payments.

Bank Import (Expected AP date): We encountered an issue with the bank import area, where all automatically matched tenants were not advancing their expected AP dates upon processing. We've now fixed this and you can expect the whole import feature to work as expected.

Remittance: Re-generating remittances via Transactions > History, would result in a 'grey' loading screen which has now been updated and fix. Users will now be able to generate remittances individually or in bulk.

Single Smoke Alarm Report: Users will now be able to successfully generate the Smoke alarm expiry report for individual properties.

Advanced Keys (checked-in): The user filter in the keys (checked-in) tab, was previously based on the publish agent of the property which in some cases would not match up with who the actual primary agent was for that specific property. We have now updated this to look at the primary agent 1 under the property and will filter as expected.

Document Flow (Invoice Tenancy): For those that use the document workflow area for processing supplier & tenancy invoices, you will now be pleased to hear that for tenancy invoices created via this method will now follow the tenant's invoice media setting. Meaning, if your tenant is set to email, after processing the invoices, you will no longer get a pop-up to download their copy of the entered invoice.

Bank Import (Rent Owing): When matching your tenants for bank importing, whether you're editing or simply updating a tenant, you will now see in the import screen, how much your tenant owes in rent without needing to open a new google chrome tab or having this info open elsewhere.

Work Orders (Email): When sending a work order email to your supplier or owner, you will now see that your tenant's email address is also an option to choose when clicking on the 'to' address bar.

UTC Timing for vacated tenants: We found an issue for our vacated tenants where the amounts that are shown on the tenancy details & tenant list (main current list) were not accurate and would only correct themselves after 12 pm-1 pm. This would mean that for the morning, your owing amounts may not have been 100% correct and by the time it was the afternoon, the dates and amounts would update.

This has all been tidied up and users will no longer have any issues.

Dashboard: Speaking of timelines, we've updated the timeline displayed on the dashboard where it will now showcase all dairy entries that have recently been entered saved/sent.

Supplier Payments (Unprocessed): We've updated the unprocessed report for our supplier payments where it now includes the suppliers' bank account along with the property address and the status of the property

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