Supplier Troubleshooting - Supplier paid but Invoice needs reversing. Paid incorrectly

An invoice was charged in error, however you have already paid the Supplier.

An invoice that was entered previously, now needs to be reversed as it was charged in error, however the supplier has already been paid. 

First contact the supplier and ask for him to credit back the money into your bank account.  (This is much tidier than taking it off the next payment)

Follow these steps below:

  • Find the Supplier - go to Reports - Transaction Report and find the transaction number of the invoice that you want to reverse.
  • Go to Transactions - History - put in the transaction number in both the to and from boxes and click refresh
  • Click on the drop down beside the Edit button, and choose reverse transaction. (The Supplier must have money against his record, otherwise Strict Audit will stop the transaction)
    Note: If the supplier has a zero balance, you will have to turn off strict audit in order to finish this, make a note to turn it back on directly after the end of this procedure)
    Now for the Important part 
  • Go to Transactions
  • Click on the left hand side drop down menu and click on Payment Supplier
  • Find the Supplier that you want and you will see the reversal of the invoice you just did showing as a negative - tick that transaction (untick others if needed)
  • Make sure the balance has a - in front and it is the figure you want
  • Write a comment
  • Click on Confirm
  • Click on Process
  • Go to reconciliation
  • This transaction will be sitting there and you can present down WHEN you see the money come back into your bank account from the supplier. 

NOTE: DO NOT hide the in and out transactions until you have made the Payment, 

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