24th October 2019 | Ability to change head tenant & New email icon

Tenancy-Ability to change head tenant: If you have a tenancy in the system that also has X amount of sub-tenants, you'll be happy to know that you now have the ability to quickly change who the 'head tenant' is.

You'll also note that the 'Options' tab has been renamed to be 'Additional tenants' - Here's a quick preview of how this all looks.




Property-Publish Tab: We know how important it is to have the right content in your listing adverts, so we've extended the character limit in the Advert text area and have bumped the character limit up from 2000 to 8000.

Property-Publish Tab (New Toggle): Sticking with our property publish tab, we've also introduced a new toggle that allows you to exclude the 'Unit' number from the address when the property is being advertised.



Insights-Lost Properties Report: We found an issue with the Lost properties report when the 'graph' option was turned on. This would result in the system giving you an error instead of the actual report. This has now been updated and will continue to work as expected.

Emails (New Icon): Emails is one of the most used features for communication in any program and with all the contact you make with a number of different people, we thought we would add a new icon on your emails so that you can easily tell which emails have been saved as a draft and still need to be sent. You now have 3 icons to identify your emails as below:


Green: Sent email - Yellow (New): Draft email - Red: Email reply



Tenants (Statement Media): Speaking of emails, it is very rare these days that when you're setting up a new tenant, that they're preferred media type is set to Paper. So to make life easier for you all, we've made the default media type for new tenancies set to Email.

Reports-Property (Work Orders): When generating Property Work Order reports, you will now have two additional options. Here you will now see ALL (Grouped) & ALL (Ungrouped)

Property-Management Type: We found an issue with the Management Type list for properties, where the types that were set to False were still showing up as an option to select.

Custom Views: Last week we increased the loading time of the Custom Views, this week, we give you the ability to 'edit' the name of an existing custom view. If you've created a Custom View and given it the wrong title, or simply updated an existing Custom View, you will now have the ability to edit and update the name of the Custom View as you need.

Email-Inbox (Showing filter): One of the things we found annoying was the 'Showing' filter in the email inbox area. When setting this to display 100, when you go back in, it would default back to show 10. Hopefully, you don't always have 100+ emails, but if you do, then you'll be able to see 100 per page now without needing to adjust the filter each time.

Reports List: A minor change but one that may make a big difference, is that we have now changed the order of our reports so that they all show in alphabetical order. This should keep things consistent across the system and allows your required report to be found easily.

Transactions-Tenant Codes: We introduced the ability to see/search the tenant's full name, sort code, and tenant code via the transactions area. Unfortunately, in one of our recent updates, this feature was taken away. This is now available again and you will see all the expected details when processing tenant type transactions.

Overpaid Rent Fix: We found an issue with the overpaid rent feature, where the amounts were not calculating correctly for those that did not have permission to perform a rent repost. When adding a vacate date, the system will now perform a partial repost to ensure that we calculate and move the correct figures to the O/P ledger.

Owner Statement (New Format): We now have a new Student Accommodation statement available. Be sure to check this out if that's what you need.

Property - Maintenance Fee (Exception Area): In case you don't already know, you can set up a 'set' maintenance % for a specific property when it's invoiced by a certain Supplier. eg. you may want to charge 0% maintenance fee for all lawn mowing invoices. Simply click on the below area and adjust the % or $ amount for specific suppliers, whilst keeping your main maintenance % intact for all other invoices. We've updated this area so that it will work as expected.



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