26th September, 2019 | Duplicated emails & Inspection completed

Charge Owner/Tenant for Water: We discovered an issue with these toggles where they would revert to the opposite setting when any updates are made to the Trade Me advert for a property i.e Uploading, updating or removing the listing from Trade Me. This issue has now been rectified and the settings on your water toggles will no longer change unless updated manually.


Inspection Completed Report: We have updated this report so that it will now record the inspection data as required. This report records when the last inspection was imported into Palace for each property as well as when it was last emailed out.

Duplicated Emails - Tenant Invoices: If you have received feedback from your tenant/s regarding an invoice that they have been sent multiple times from different agents, we found an issue where Palace would send multiple emails to a tenant if there were transactions processed relatively close to each other. We have identified where the issue is and have applied the required fix to this area to prevent it from happening again.

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