Supplier Troubleshooting - Wrong Property charged but correct supplier and supplier already paid

An invoice was charged against the wrong property  however you have already paid the Supplier.

If the invoice was charged to the wrong property but right supplier, then you don't need to get the money back from the Supplier, you just need to reverse the invoice and put against the correct property and then pay the zero transaction.

Follow these steps below:

  • Find the Supplier - go to Reports - Transaction Report and find the transaction number of the invoice that you want to reverse.
  • Go to Transactions - History - put in the transaction number in both the to and from boxes and click refresh
  • Click on the drop down beside the Edit button, and choose reverse transaction. (The Supplier must have money against his record, otherwise Strict Audit will stop the transaction)
    Note: If the supplier has a zero balance, enter the invoice against the correct property before you do the reversal so that the supplier has money. 
  • Once reversed you need to then go back to Transactions - Invoice Supplier
  • Select the correct property and re-enter in the information and process the transaction
    Now for the Important part 
  • Go to Transactions
  • Click on the left hand side drop down menu and click on Payment Supplier
  • Find the Supplier that you want and you will both a positive and a negative transaction there
  • Make sure they are both ticked (untick any other transactions)
  • Make sure the balance is zero
  • Write a comment
  • Click on Comfirm
  • Click on Process
  • Go to reconciliation
  • Find the zero transaction and present on today's date
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