Palace Liquid inspection app service


Palace's inspection app stores contact details, conducts video and photo inspections and allows you to create work orders that can be easily reviewed and sent to suppliers via your Palace database


Palace has an inspection app for Apple and Android devices. This app and related services have several advantages over the previous versions. This service is ONLY available to companies using Palace (cloud) due to the "always connected" nature of the cloud service.
Services benefits are as follows:

  • This is a database activation and not a per-user activation. All users will be switched over at the same time.
  • The sign-in for the app is the same as your Palace database credentials. If the password is changed for the database the app's credentials will also change. (Sign out and back in)
  • If the email address or domain is changed in Palace this will also affect the app. Make sure ALL inspections are uploaded into Palace before changing details to avoid losing inspections on the app.
  • The app now syncs directly to the property diary whereas the older inspection process required a mobile account signed in to download the inspections from the cloud to the Import List.
  • The new inspection upload process allows for a faster and more robust service protecting from ISP and Mobile Service provider outages.
  • The master inspection templates are completely split into separate Full Inspection and Routine Inspection tabs. This simplifies the process of setting up and using the master inspection template for Initial inspections.
  • Inspection types Full or Routine are now assigned directly to each completed inspection making it easier to see the inspection type at a glance in the property diary. These tags can be edited by the user in case they want to use a specific previous inspection as Full or Routine for the next inspection (i.e. the latest inspection of each type is used as a template for following inspections).
  • Changing inspection report titles are now reflected in the property diary.
  • NOTE: Once the pink app is activated the previous app versions are disabled. Any inspections that have not been uploaded to Palace before activation will not be retrievable. I.e. Submitted from the app but not downloaded into Palace's Import List they will not be retrievable.
  • NOTE: There is a 1,000 photo limit per property inspection.


This also applies to the inspection report within Palace. If you try to add more than the 1,000 photo limit Palace will inform you of this.


Switching to the Palace Liquid App

Before activation and use of this app, make sure ALL users have downloaded the pink Palace Liquid app from the App Store. The new app only supports the OS versions: iOS 13 and above (Apple) and Android 7.0-7.1.2, Nougat (Android) and above.
NOTE: The activation cannot be reversed), please follow these instructions:

  • Download the Palace Liquid app on all devices by visiting the various App Stores. Search for realbase or palace liquid
  • To enable this new inspection process a support request must be sent to the Palace support team. They will be in touch to work through the activation process with you
  • After the activation process, you need to set up the master inspection templates again as they reset to a Palace default as they are now in their separate tabs
  • Tip: There are no export/print options to note the current configuration
    Option 1: You can go into the master Full and Routine inspection template, expand all rooms by clicking on the plus/dropdowns, screenshot all items and save the images to the PC. This will help with recreating the templates once the service has been activated.)
    Option 2: Export a property without a previous inspection in the property diary and submit the inspection to Palace. The inspection report can be downloaded to PDF and used as a guide while recreating the master inspection templates


  • The Status and Disclaimer tabs remain unchanged
  • Previous property inspections will still have access and use their current templates for the next inspection. Because you could not previously specify the inspection Type specifically when editing an inspection if you want to use a previous Inspection as a full or as a routine you can edit the inspection in Palace in each property diary and change the type to Full or Routine. The most recent dated full and routine will always be used as a template for the next inspection


  • The inspection type will show in the Diary


  • The property inspections area will now contain a sync button along with highlighted properties to show clearly which are synced with the user's device. These properties will remain highlighted for the user until they sync a different set of properties to their device

Note: In the screen below the green properties are synced with the user's device.


  • The Import List will show the inspections as soon as they are submitted by the user. This tab works the same way as before but will load faster as it no longer requires an Import process

What's Next

Once you worked through the above information, you may want to learn how to sync information to the Palace inspection app and also how to edit your inspections:

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