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Palace has now introduced a new App on the iPhone/iPad and for Android  This new App and related services have a number of advantages over the existing version.  This new service is ONLY available to the companies using 'Liquid Palace' due to the 'always connected' nature of the cloud service.
New services benefits are as follows...

  • You will now use the same 'Email' and 'Password' you use for the Web Application.  If you change the password for the 'Web Application' it will change for on your device 'App'.
  • The App now sync's directly from your 'Sync List' in Liquid.  The 'Interim' data service now no longer exists in this process and the device is linked directly to your Liquid cloud data.  It's now simply up to the user to decide what list to sync to the device.
  • New inspection upload process allows for a faster and more robust service protecting from ISP and Mobile Service provider outages.
  • Master Templates are now completely split into separate 'Routine' and 'Full' tabs.  This simplifies the process of setting up and using the master template for 'Initial' inspections.
  • Inspection Type 'Full' or 'Routine' are now assigned directly to each completed inspection making it easier to see the inspection type at a glance in the property diary.  These tags can be edited by the user in case they want to use a specific previous inspection as 'Full' or 'Routine' for the next inspection (i.e. the latest inspection of each type is used as a template for following inspections)
  • Inspections submitted from the 'Mobile App' appear immediately in the 'Liquid Palace' web application (with no loading time required)
  • Photos are now limited to 1000 per property.

Switching to Liquid Palace App

Before deciding to activate and use the new Liquid Palace App, please make sure ALL users can download the new App from the App store.  The new App is only supported on iOS13 (For Apple) and Android 7.0-7.1.2, Nougat (for Android).  Once you are happy all users can use the new service and you have made the decision to 'Activate' the service (NOTE: The activation cannot be reversed), please follow these instructions...

  • Make sure ALL inspections from ALL devices in your company are imported into Palace before you activate the new service.
  • Download the new App on all devices (Liquid Palace)
  • Navigate to 'Setting' and select the 'Integrations' tab (NOTE: You will need 'Administrator' access for this are).  Select the 'Liquid Palace Mobile App' Activate button and 'Confirm'.  Once activated the 'Button' will show as 'Activated' and cannot be reverted...


Note: If you do not see the above option in your database it only means that the feature will be enabled in the background through Palace Support.

  • Once the system has been activated you need to set up the 'Master Templates' again as 2 separate templates (Full and Routine)...


  • NB: Take note of your current template format.  Once you activate the new inspection service your master template will reset for both your routine and full inspections.  So these templates need to be recreated.  (You can go into the master templates, expand all dropdowns, screenshot all items and save the images to the PC.  This will help with recreating the templates once the service has been activated.)
  • Previous inspections on properties can still be used as templates for the 'Next' inspection.  However, all previous inspections are considered 'Routine' unless otherwise specified by the user.  This is due to the fact that you could not previously specify the 'Inspection Type' specifically when editing an inspection.  If you want to use a previous 'Inspection' as a 'Full Inspection' template for the next 'Incoming' or 'Outgoing', you can edit the inspection on the web site and change the 'Type' to 'Full'.  The latest 'Full' and the latest 'Routine' will always be used as a template for the next inspection respectively.


  • Inspection 'Type' will also show in the 'Diary'


  • The 'Property Inspections' area will now contain a 'Sync' button along with highlighted properties to show clearly which are synced with the user's device.  These properties will remain highlighted for the user until such time as they sync a different set of properties to their device. (NOTE: In the screen below the 'Green' properties are synced with the user's device).


  • The 'Import' list will show the inspections as soon as they are submitted by the user.  This tab works the same way as before but will load a lot faster as it no longer requires an 'Import' process.
  • The above information can be found in the following video: https://vimeo.com/375815438
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