Version 6.29

Property Custom Fields: To accommodate the recent Healthy Homes & Insurance changes, we have extended the number of available custom fields and have moved them across to their own tab. You will now have a total of 30 fields available to use for any information that needs to be recorded.


NOTE: These fields will be available as Merge Fields for any Templates or Custom Views.

Property - Archive: We have built-in validation to prevent properties from being archived when they have any current invoices or charges that are still pending. These invoices/charges will need to be dealt with before the property can be archived successfully.

Tenant - Archive: Following on with the archiving theme, you will also not be able to archive any tenants with any overpaid rent. This is a new system setting, so it is up to you if you would like to turn this feature on or leave it off. This can be found under the Company Management Options via System Settings.


Bank Import - Updating next payment date: When importing your bank file, you may have some funds that are paid in by a tenant that is set to DD. If this is the case, at the time of processing your transaction, the system will now ask you to confirm the payment date update before proceeding.

You can expect a pop up to read:
"This ‘Tenancy' is set to DD. Do you want to update the ‘Next Payment Date'? (Current 'Payment Date: dd/MM/yyyy) NOTE: If you select 'No’ the 'Bank Match Code’ will not be updated"

Change Log - Date Available: Last on our list, we have added some logging to the changelog for when a date available is removed from the property. Now you can track when this was removed and by which agent.

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