11th September, 2019 | Batch Owner Statements, Initial Re-post and more

Batch Owner Payments (Statements): A long-awaited feature for a lot of our users, we have now changed 'who' the statements are sent from when processing batch owner payments. Previously, when a statement was generated during the batch payments (Primarily used for Mid-Month Payments), owners that are set to Email or Email & Paper would receive their statements from the logged-in user that was processing the transactions. These emails will now be sent from the Primary Agent assigned to the owner regardless of who is logged in and running the transactions.

NOTE: EOM statements & Remittances will continue to be sent from the Primary Agent as expected.

DD Batch Transactions: For our clients that use Palace for generating Direct Debits, we encountered an issue where tenants would be missed off the DD list despite being scheduled to be debited on a set date. All tenant with the correct Payment Details setup will now show their respective DD generation list as expected. 

Initial Repost Field: Taking over an existing tenancy and need to set up an initial part payment against the tenancy? If you haven't seen it already, we have a new field called 'Initial Part Payment' available inside the tenant edit screen. This field can only be edited by admin users and will prompt you with a confirmation warning when there is a change made.


Portfolio Summary: Each Heading will now remain on the report even when there is no data to display i,e Inspections completed equals 0.

Keep back Pop-Up - Would you like to reduce?: When processing invoices and charges against a property with a keep back, you will receive a pop-up asking if you would like to reduce the keep back amount. Previously, this pop-up would show and default the toggle to show 'yes' which resulted in keep backs being reduced by accident. This toggle will now default to show ''no'' and should avoid any issues with keep backs being reduced accidentally.

Client Portal - Activate & Disable: Our client portal had a few issues where the acitivate and disable buttons were not working as expected. For example, if you needed to activate an owner, you would have to try this a few times for it to successfully work. Both actions will work as expected now and once you select an action, you will be automatically taken to the Dashboard.

Tenant Summary: When previewing your Tenant Financial Summary, you will note that there are 4 new fields available: Bond Required, Bond Paid, Bond Still Owing & Effective Paid To Date


Character Limit - Tenancy Invoice: Within the Invoice Tenancy screen, you have the option to enter comments to the invoice. We've added a validation check to let you know when and if you have exceeded 255 characters in the comments field which can cause issues with the transaction being processed.


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