20th September, 2019 | H&S Updates & Overpaid Rent

Property - Health & Safety Updates: Under our Health & Safety tab, you will now notice a few new changes that we recommend you check out and make the most of.

This includes the ability to upload an attachment for smoke alarms & insulation.


You will also see a new text box to record all hazards at the property - These 3 new updates are also fields available to be used in your work orders.

Along with the above updates, you now have a new dropdown option to easily note whether the insulation for a property is compliant or not as well as the option to select 'exempt' under the Ground Moisture field.

Click on the below help files for more information on how to make the most of these new features -

H&S - Recording Information
Creating a Work Order
Showing Hazards on Work Orders

New Overpaid Rent Feature: Introducing a new way to handle your tenants overpaid rent where any overpaid funds will be allocated to a new holding ledger until you are ready to process the refund.

Dive into our help manuals attached below for a full in-depth look at how this process looks and works. If that's not enough, click here to watch the process in action.


Setting Rent Overpaid Ledger
Overpaid Rent Into A Holding Ledger - How it works
Refunding Overpaid rent from Holding Ledger
Overpaid Rent Ledger - Video

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