7th August, 2019

Single SMS Merge (Multiple Tenants): An after-effect from our recent updates, we encountered some issues where the body of the SMS template would multiply depending on the number of tenants eg. If you had 3 tenants, the template would merge in one SMS 3 times.
This has now been updated and will work as expected for both single & bulk SMS merges.

NOTE: We have also updated a few of the merge fields that were not picking up the correct data.

Document Flow (Duplicating Emails): After extensive investigation, we found that when you are processing invoices via the document workflow area, you had the ability to click the process button multiple times. This can catch people off guard if the screen does not look like it is loading, or where the screen is delayed in responding to your initial click etc. The result of being able to click the process button more than once is that you when your transactions are processed, the system would send more than one copy of the remittance to a tenant (where applicable).

To fix this, we have disabled the process button so that this is disabled after the initial click.

Browser Auto-Fill: Ever notice a property address change without you physically updating the details? You are not alone.

We found an issue with Google Chrome's 'Auto-fill' setting if the below is turned on for 'Addresses and more':

Whilst this is a great feature to use on other websites, it's not ideal for Palace and has caught the odd client off guard where Chrome would automatically update a few address fields without the user noticing.

To remedy this, we have disabled the auto-fill from certain areas so that no changes are made unless the user manually enters this into the system.

Reports - Change Logs: To add to the above update, we have also updated our change logs to record any changes that are made to the below fields on a property: Unit Number, Street Number, Street & City

Transactions - Tenancy Invoice (Comments): When assigning a receipt to an existing tenant invoice, any comments from the tenant invoice will now be copied across to your receipt transaction. This is now available for Receipt Tenancy Multiple & Bank Import - These will also flow through to the owner's statements or ledger reports where applicable.

NOTE: This will not work if assigning funds to more than one invoice.


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