How to read the Won and Lost Reports

Reading the Won and Lost Reports

To find this report, go to Insights > Properties > Properties Lost and Properties Won.


Properties Won

This works from the active date of the property. This date can be found in the History tab.

The reports shows:

  • Any property that has been won and is STILL active during the date range selected
  • We also show any property that was won but then lost (make inactive) during the same period.
  • This only works on Active and Inactive and does not work on archived. So if you re activate a property from archived and leave it as inactive it will not show on this report. (you mentioned that you reinstated a property and it showed up on the report, did you make it active? As I left mine inactive and it did not show on list)
  • If you leave a the management type as all, then a causal will show as won and if you move it to a Management it will show as won again. And will show the reason


Properties Lost

This works from the inactive date of the property, this date can be found in the History Tab

This report shows

  • Any property that has been lost and still inactive, meaning they have not been changed back to active in that period of time
  • Any property that had been lost but then won back during the same period. So if you are doing a property transfer, it will make the property lost but then also show as won back as it moves from one owner to the other.
  • Again this is based on inactive and not Archived. So I reinstated a property from archived that had not been lost in this period and I did not change it back from inactive and it did not show on the list which is correct.
  • If you make a property inactive due to renovations or anything like that and then you make it active again, it will show as lost and then won again.


The default dates are set for a year or 6 months depending on the Palace you are running, so you must change the dates to show the month you want.


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