Premium - Insights

The 'Premium Insights' integration focuses on 'Historic Data' and 'Schedules' to allow users to create in-depth analysis and trends based on transactional data within Palace.

The premium insights area does require an update from a 'Standard' API account to a 'Premium' API Account.  There is a cost involved in doing this as these contracts have high performance overheads due to the complexity and quantity of the responses. Please contact Palace Support to obtain a 'Premium' API license.

Currently the 'Premium - Insights' area consists of 6 contracts relating to...

  • Transactions
  • Inspections (Schedule)
  • Inspections (Historic)
  • Rent Review (Schedule & Historic)
  • Change Log (Archives)
  • Change Log (Active & Inactive)

This is the first iteration of the 'Premium - Insights' area and there are plans to expand this based on feedback.

Please click on this link SwaggerHub_Logo_Horizontal_Color_Small.png to access the details of the API.

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