26th July, 2019

BPAY - Commonwealth Bank: One for our Australian clients that currently use Commonwealth Bank - You will now be able to successfully generate & upload BPAY files for your supplier payments.

Custom Views - Tenant: When creating a tenant custom view, you will now be able to add 'Property - Custom Fields' and have the data populate successfully.

Transactions History- Assigned Transactions: We found an issue with funds that were assigned from a bond ledger to a tenant invoice, where you could not search for these transactions under History using the exact date of the transaction to look for them. eg. If your transactions are dated 19/07/2019 and you searched These will now show based on your search criteria as expected. 

Transactions - Assigned Transactions: Carrying on from the above update, some of you may have noticed that your assigned transactions show with a blank description within your bank recon screen. This does not affect anything within your system but can cause a bit of confusion when balancing your recon, so we've made some minor adjustments to have the description visible and hopefully make things a bit easier for you. 

Tenant - Payment Type: For all newly added tenants, their payment type will now be set to Direct by default.

Transactions - Tenant Codes: You now have more options to use when searching for a tenant. When performing any tenant-related transactions, you will now notice that the Tenant Name, Tenant Code & Sort Code will be displayed. This gives you more options to search for your tenant depending on what you find easier to use as search criteria.

Transactions - Tenancy Invoice (Comments): When assigning a receipt to an existing tenant invoice, any comments from the tenant invoice will now be copied across to your receipt transaction. This applied to single-receipt tenancy invoice, receipt multi & bank import - These will then flow through to the owner's statements or ledger reports where applicable.

NOTE: This will not work if assigning funds to more than one invoice.

Transactions - Unprocessed Report: Just before you process those transactions, we always recommend you print out or download a copy of your unprocessed transactions report - This is highly recommended for your batch payments. Now when you print this report, you will see a new filter that allows you to adjust the order of your transactions by either the amount or by description. 


Owner Setup (Duplicated): Seeing double owners? You may have unintentionally stumbled across the secret to creating duplicate owners at the initial creation step. We've identified the issue for this and you will no longer be able to duplicate owners unless of coarse it's on purpose.

SMS Single Merge: You will now be able to use SMS type Document templates for a single sms merge

Tenancy - Initial Part Payment: If you brought on a new management with an existing tenancy, you will now be able to add an 'initial part payment' upon creating the tenant. Within the tenant edit screen, you will now see the below field:


This field allows you to have the tenancy take any partial payment into consideration from the previous company. You will find that this field is only editable when the tenant is initially created unless you are an admin user, in which case you will have the ability to edit this field whenever it is required (please remember to perform a repost if there are any changes made).

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