30th August, 2019

Property - New Insurance Fields: First up on our list we have updated the Property > Options tab. This now has new insurance text boxes for you all to enter information into. These new fields are also available to be used as merge fields which means you can use these to create a custom view or add them into your tenancy agreements.

Property - Custom Views: Whilst you're checking out our new insurance fields, you may have noticed that your custom fields are no longer in the options tab. Not to worry, we have moved these into their own tab and have added an additional 15 available spaces, meaning you have a total of 30 custom fields available to users.

Diary Entries - Work Orders: Next up on our list we have updated the diary entries for a work order when emailed. Currently, a work order that is emailed to the supplier is saved within the supplier diary as expected, however, wouldn't it be amazing if it also saved in the relevant property diary as well? Well, we agree. We have updated this feature so that a copy of any work order correspondences are recorded in both diaries i.e initial email to the supplier & any replies etc.

Duplicated Property - Start Date: Not too long ago, we made some changes to the property 'start date' field as it was causing issues with the won/loss records when it came to EOM reporting. Unfortunately, this change would have a bit of an impact on properties that you would duplicate in your system, where the start date would match the original version of the property and thus restrict you from making any changes. We have updated this so that any duplicated property will have their start date show as the actual calendar date that you have performed the duplication. This will allow you to update the start date to a future date if you need whilst not having a direct effect on your won/loss reports.

Transactions - Bond Ledger: When using the transaction 'Receipt Ledger', you had the option to receipt funds towards the Tenancy Bond Ledger along with any other Bond Type ledgers. You should only have the option to assign funds to this ledger when using the transaction 'Receipt Bond' or any other tenant affiliated transaction. We found when these ledgers were used, the Held In Trust report for your EOM would be out and of coarse create a few headaches. This has now been fixed and you should no longer be able to receipt funds to this issue and avoid any EOM issues created by this.

Bank Import - Random Match: In the event, you receive a payment in the bank with absolutely no reference to indicate who the monies belong to, you may have noticed that Palace will assign/match this payment to a certain tenant within your database despite the bank match codes being different. We have identified the issue and have applied the required fix. Moving forward, if you receive a miscellaneous payment, this will remain unmatched via your bank import screen and you can then begin the investigation on who it actually belongs to, outside of Palace.

Property - Suburb: When selecting a suburb for a property, there are a dozen 'City Centre' options and there was no way to ensure that you have selected the correct one i.e City Centre in Auckland or Christchurch? This means when selecting a suburb for a property to be advertised, it was quite easy to select the wrong version by accident. To help you lock in the correct suburb, we've added in the 'area name' in the suburb title so that it showcases the affiliated city with your selected suburb.


Work Orders - Search: When using our Work Order Search feature, you will now have the option to filter your search by the work order status, just like your individual work order screen (All, Current or Closed). You will see a User filter to allow you to search for work orders under a specific user.

Advanced Key System - User Search: Speaking of search filters, we have also introduced a new 'User' filter to help you navigate your way through the key screen. This should make life a bit easier when checking keys in and out.

In the Checked-in Tab, the User tab focuses on the primary agent for the property.
In the Checked-out Tab, the User filter focuses on the actual user that checked the key out.

Document Workflow - Tenant Ledgers: We found an issue where the workflow system would struggle with the tenancy invoice portion. The system would try to take funds from a holding ledger to pay for an invoice and have a bit of a hard time when the tenant doesn't actually have funds in a holding ledger. This has been fixed and will now process your invoices for both the property & tenant if required.

Document Workflow - User Commission: We found an issue where Palace was calculating GST on user fees even if the user was not GST registered. This has now been updated and will function as expected.

Inspection Search - Navigation: When using our date filters to show properties within a specific date range, and updating inspection dates for one or more property at a time, the filters would be lost once the dates were successfully updated. We have fixed this so that the date filters remain once you save any changes made to an inspection charge.

Mouse Cursor - Navigation: When opening a new page, the mouse will be ready and waiting for you on the 'search bar. This means, as you load up your properties screen, you can start typing straight away and you will not need to manually move your mouse to this search field.

Work Order- Alert: We have allowed for any alerts that are assigned to a property to show whenever a work order is created or edited.

Reports - Unpresented: There have been reported issues with the Unpresented Transactions report 'timing out' when processing batch payments. We have made adjustments to how this report functions from the back end to avoid any further issues with this report.

Reports - Property Building Group: We have identified an issue with the Property Building Group Report where it was not correctly generated the desired data. Eg. If you select a specific building group to base your report on, properties 'without' a building group would show up instead. This has been fixed up and will show the correct data as expected.

Reports - Property Comparative Analysis: We have a new report in Liquid which has been brought over from Palace Live. Below is a quick preview of what the report looks like, however, be sure to click HERE to find out more about this report and why you would use it.


User - Commission Update: When updating a user's commission % via the User > Edit screen, upon saving your changes, you will now receive a pop-up from Palace to ask if you would like to update the user commission field on any properties linked to the user.

If you select YES, the below field will be updated for all properties where the user is assigned to.


User - Withholding tax: When adding a new user, the withholding tax field will now default to 0%.

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