Bulk Mail Merge - Running A Bulk Email or Print Merge

Mailmerges are run through the Custom View area. 

There are two types of mailmerge: Print and Email. Both will be explained below

Documents (Mailmerge)

  • Go to Custom Views of the group you would like to send to ie tenant, owner
  • Select a custom view or create a new one (You only need a main custom view, call it the Tenant List or Property List etc) you do not need a new custom view for every letter, some prefer to have their own Inspection one and arrears one)


  • Click on the drop down arrow beside Templates and choose the letter that you require
  • Filter by the User you want
  • You can filter by dates (if doing Inspection Letters)
  • Or you can filter by Email or SMS
    Filtering to Email yes, will only show the people with email addresses
    Filtering to SMS yes, will only show the people with mobile phone numbers
  • If you want to only send to the Head Tenant - move the slider to yes, otherwise to no, to send to all tenants in a tenancy. 
  • When you are happy you have the filters and selections you require click on merge (Top right hand side of screen)

Note: Clicking the Print button (top right of the screen) will give you a list of just the ones you have selected in case you want to print it

  • This will take you to the template letter in the Word processing screen



  • A screen will show you the template of the letter, you can make any changes here
  • There are two buttons at the top right hand of the screen
    Print: If Printing click on Print, this will take you to another screen and show you the merged letters
              Click on File and Print
  • Email: If you click on Email, the following screen will appear
  • Enter in the Subject line under the area labelled Email details. 
  • Make sure it says your name in From (unless you are sending on behalf of someone else)
  • Link to a group if you want, i.e Inspections, Rent Arrears
  • Click Send Emails


When clicking on the Email button you won’t see a preview of who it is sending to, you have seen a preview of the letter however. If you need to see a preview of it merging, then you will have to click on the Print button as explained above.

Once you have viewed it – YOU CANNOT EMAIL FROM THIS SCREEN. Click on the back arrow (on your browser bar) and it will take you back to the screen with the Print and Email buttons and then click on Email.


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