How to use templates to send a single letter/email

There are two ways to use templates in Palace, single merges for one owner or tenant, or Bulk mail merges for multiple owners/tenants.

These instructions are for a merge for a single owner/tenant.

Go to the Diary of the person or property that you want to send to e.g Owner, Tenant or Property.

You can access the diary from within the Owner or Tenant, or you can highlight the owner/tenant from the main list and use the drop-down menu beside it to click on Diary.

Within the diary, either select Correspondence or Email.

  • Correspondence: This can be used if you want to print the letter, or you can download and attach it to an Email.
  • Email: To be used if you want to put the letter into the body of the email so that when sent, the correspondence is not sent as an attachment, but rather as a written email.

Instructions for both


  • Select the Template from the drop-down area
    Note: All templates show here regardless of what type, just find the letter you require. (You can start typing the template name and it will search).


  • Under a Property or Owner Diary, if you select a Tenant Type letter, another box will appear asking you to select the property and tenant (no box will appear in the tenant diary as not needed).
  • Click on Generate.
  • You can make changes if needed, then you can print or download.
  • Click save and close - upon this action the name of the letter will appear in the description area but you can also type your own description.

Using the Email Option

  • From the Diary, select Email as the Diary Type.
  • Fill in the To: and the Subject: fields.
  • On the bottom-right of your screen, select the template that you require.


  • Then select the Property or Tenant in the new box that pops up.
  • Click on Generate.
  • The letter will auto-fill into the body of the email and you can make any further changes if required.
  • When ready click on Send, if you want to save and send later, click on the more button and choose Save Draft.


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