Setting up a new Document Template

This is the area where you set up all your letter templates to be used throughout the system. This area is only accessible for people who have the authority so that only a few people can change the templates.

When using the templates in other parts of the software, even if you make changes, it will not make changes to the main template.

  • To create a Document Template
  • Click on System
  • Click on Document Template
  • Click on Create new
  • Name the document
  • Document Type: Select a document type, then save and close
    Owner: Only use this type if you are not mentioning the property or the tenant as the merge fields will not be available 
    Property: You can use this for Owner and Property merge fields
    Tenant: Use this type if you want to use all available Owner Property and Tenant merge Fields
  • Note: When you use Tenant type and it is a letter for an owner i.e Owner Lease renewal letter, you can still run it from the diary as you will see all available letters and types in this area.
  • Once you have clicked save and close, you will be taken out to the main list. Click on Refresh and then your new document will show
  • Find the letter and click on the drop down arrow and select Edit Document 
  • Put your cursor on the letter and you can start typing the letter and putting in merge fields
  • The Merge fields are available at the top of the screen
  • Once you have finished, click save and close
  • This letter is now available to use




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