5th July, 2019

Inspections - Scheduled 2 report: If you were a Palace Live user, or based in Australia, you will be pleased to hear that we now have our Scheduled 2 Inspection report available.

In System Settings, go to the Management Tab and toggle 'Allow Schedule 2 Inspection Report'. Then upload your inspection. Once done, you should see the new statuses in the C-U-W (Clean, Undamaged, Working) format available to use on your device.




Once your inspection is imported back into Palace, you will see a new dropdown menu option to change the format of the inspection report before generating/downloading it:




Document Workflow - Charge Tenant Only: We've added a minor change to our workflow area that benefits those companies that have themselves set up as a supplier in the system. Ideal for clients managing block apartments - Click here to have an in-depth read of how this process looks and works and here's a quick preview of how it all looks in action:





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