Setting up Document Flow (property management company is the supplier)

If you, as the Property Management company are the supplier for a service, you may want to charge the tenant directly and not involve the Property or the Owner.
Example: You manage an apartment and your company pays the power bill. You want to charge the tenants and the money comes directly to your fee ledger.

Here are the steps to setting this up:

Supplier Setup

Firstly set up the Supplier (e.g. Mandy Apartment Power) and in the options tab, you will see the following radio button - Charge Tenancy only (Document Workflow)


Adjust this toggle to show 'yes' and then select the ledger for the deposited money (this is where the funds for the charge will go once receipted).

Once your supplier is set up completely, in the Document Flow, this supplier will now only ever charge the tenant. It will never charge the property or show against the owner/property.


In Document Flow

The first time you put an invoice through for this supplier it will show in the unmatched and you will need to match it.

  • Select the property, the supplier, etc.
  • Copy the amount and put it into the tenant area
  • Select the tenant

Now remove the amount from the property Amount field and put in 0.00. Then match the invoice.


Under the  Matched Invoice tab, find your invoice in the list and you will notice it shows as 0.00 but that is just because that column only shows the Property value.



Click on Edit and the screen should now say "This supplier is set to Charge the Tenancy Only" as a pop-up alert at the top of your invoice screen as per the example below:


Check the details and then you can proceed to approve/process the invoice.

Note: The Ignore button is only to be used if you decide you do want to charge the property for this invoice, i.e., there is no tenant and you want to still get the money back. 

An invoice has now been created for the tenant.

When the tenant pays funds for the invoice, receipt as normal using Receipt Tenancy - Invoice, Receipt Tenancy - Multiple or via the bank import and the money will be assigned to the specified ledger.


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