Refunding Overpaid rent from Holding Ledger

When you are ready to pay out the Tenant, you need to refund the money back from the Holding Ledger.

Note: please check this tenancy because if the money was overpaid a while ago the money might have gone to the Owner BEFORE this new setting was turned on. 

  • Run the refund due report under Tenant Reports, it will show the overpaid amount, and will show under the Bond Other ledger or in the Owner Balance
  • You can refund the money singularly to a tenant or you can generate the payments in bulk.
  • If you would like to pay the tenant directly through the bank, you will need to load a bank account number against the tenant prior to doing the transaction. (Or you can enter the bank account number from the Online File area)

To do a single transaction

  • Go to Transactions  (Remember to add tenant bank account first under Tenant)
  • Choose Refund - Overpaid rent
  • Click on Generate
  • Put in tenant name
  • This will autofill the amount in. (If an amount does not auto fill, DO NOT type an amount in, it will be showing 0 because there is nothing to refund)
  • Click on confirm.
  • Then process
  • Click on online and then generate to create CSV file

Note: If you are using some of the money to pay an invoice for a tenant, then just do the first transaction for the amount you want (You can remove and put in your own amount as long as it is less) then confirm that one and then do another transaction for the remainder

Then you can receipt the first amount into Receipt tenancy Invoice to pay off the invoices for that tenant.


To refund more than one tenant

  • Go to transactions
  • On the right hand side, drop down the arrow and choose “Refund Overpaid Rent”
  • Click on Generate
  • Click on process
  • The amounts and tenants will all show on the screen
  • Untick those you don’t want to refund
  • Click on Process
  • Then go to Online File and create File to send to the bank


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