26th June, 2019

Wrapping up June and heading into another EOM, here is a list of our recent updates:

Keep Back - Pending Invoices: Kicking off our release, we have a highly anticipated keep back update. For multiple areas, you can now expect Palace to add a keep back when & where an invoice is pushed through as a 'Pending Invoice'. This is of course based on your Strict Audit setting where the system will ask you to create a pending invoice if the associated property does not have enough funds to cover the charge. Within the system generated pop-up where you are asked to create a pending invoice, you are also asked to add a keep back for the invoice (document flow invoices will have a keep back added automatically).

You will also notice a new toggle when editing a pending invoice from your dashboard or diary:


This toggle will tell you whether you opted to apply a keep back or not when the invoice was initially entered and subsequently pushed through as a 'pending invoice'. You will note that the toggle will be disabled if it is set to YES and is available to be changed if set to NO like my above example. 

If you successfully created a pending invoice but accidentally missed adding a keep back, simply change the toggle from NO to YES and a keep back will be added for you.
If a keep back was added at the time of the original invoice being entered, this toggle will remain as 'Yes' even if you manually clear the keep back from the property > edit screen.

This affects - Single Invoice Supplier, Document Flow Invoices, Work Order Invoices, Repetitive Invoices (created via the diary) & Any pending invoice from the dashboard.

Archived Entries - Read Only: All archived entities are now set as 'Read Only' entries. This means you will not be able to make any changes to the bank accounts, rent changes, advanced keys and much more unless they're reinstated. This change affects Owners, Properties, Tenancies & Supplier archived entries.

EOFY - Owner Statements: Ahead of the EOFY for AUS, we've changed the way the statement generation is completed for EOFY to provide a smoother and faster user experience. Our EOFY statements will now follow the same process as our EOM statements. Where the user will click on 'generate' and the statements are generated and emailed out from the background - This allows you to continue doing other work within Palace, whilst we send the statements for you.

Much like the EOM version, the logged in user will receive an email to confirm the statement run is completed and you will be able to find all paper & office copies within your Insights.

EOFY - Email Templates: A handy area to check before going ahead with your statement run, is to check the wording for the email that is sent out for your EOFY statements. Access the below area to preview the existing wording and to make any adjustments you require. Customize the wording, add a logo etc. 


Tenancy Reports -Tenant Movement: We've made some adjustments to have this report pick up the correct information. The 'Bond Owing' column will now match the Bond Outstanding field (found in the tenant > edit screen). The Let Fee Owing column will depend on your let fee setting via System Settings i.e Charge to Property or Tenant.

If your system is set to Tenant, this column will be based on the difference between the Tenant Let Fee Required & Receipt/Refund Let Fee transactions.
If your setting is set to charge Property, then the column will be looking at the difference between the Property Let Fee Required (Tenant Edit screen) & the Charge Owner Let Fee Transaction.


Transactions - Receipt Tenancy Invoice: We've identified an issue with our receipt tenancy invoice transaction. If you have a tenant with multiple owing invoices and you assign a receipt to one of the existing invoices, the system would add an additional receipt for the outstanding amount despite not being ticked. We're happy to advise that this will no longer occur and your receipts will process as expected.

Transactions - Pending Invoice (attachments): We've successfully fixed an issue related to attachments not saving to the property diary if the transaction was processed from the dashboard as a 'pending invoice'. This would result in attachments 'not' being attached to the diary correctly, or sending out with the EOM statements. All pending invoices in your dashboard will now have the attachments saved and linked within the relevant diary as expected.

Transactions - Bank Import: Some of our clients have come across a big red error full of technical terms when importing their bank statement which would prevent transactions from being entered against a select number of tenants. We've identified the issue and have implemented a fix to ensure your bank import can continue to run smoothly as expected!

Emails - Inbox Navigation: A popular request from all users - When reading, replying or forwarding an email from the inbox area, once you click 'back' or 'save & close' the system will now take you back to the User's inbox in which you started with. Previously, this would take you back to the top user and you would then need to re-select the inbox you were previously in, to action other emails, which was a few too many clicks. 

Dashboard - Counter: You may notice your dashboard look slightly different upon first logging in, where instead of seeing your number count for each tab show immediately, it will instead show with (-). The system will now go through all 'current' entries for each tab and display these numbers once the data has loaded. You should notice a faster load time from logging in as well as general dashboard navigation from this minor change.mceclip3.png

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