How to install our Beta iOS app


If you have been invited to use one of our BETA apps, please follow the below to install the app successfully on your device. All of the steps below will need to be performed on your device – Please provide an email address that you can access on your device if you haven’t done so already.

Installing TestFlight onto your device

On your device, open the app store and search for the ‘Testflight’ app. Be sure to install the app onto the device that you are currently running the inspection app on.

NOTE: You can skip this step if you already have the app installed. If this is your first time installing the test flight app, your wording should also show as ‘Install’ as opposed to Open as shown in our example


Updating to the ‘beta’ app

You will firstly receive an email from us in your inbox (be sure to check this isn’t sitting in your SPAM or Junk folders). The email will look similar to the below example where you will need to tap on the ‘Test Flight’ hyperlink (highlighted in blue). This will take you to our second screenshot where you will need to ‘install’ the beta app.


Upon installing the app, you will get this pop which you can tap on ‘Install’ to proceed with the installation. This will not impact any of your existing data and only updates the existing version of the app to have our patch included.


Once your app is installed, you can proceed to use it again and the issues you previously experienced should be fixed. If you are unsure if you have the beta version installed, have a closer look at the app icon and you should see an orange circle next to it like the example shown.


 NOTE: You can continue to use this beta version until it expires. We generally release it to the public within a week or so depending on approval from Apple.













































Updated 01/06/2019

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