How to Bulk resize photos for the inspection report

How to resize photos in bulk

If a client has taken photos outside of the app and now the inspection report is too large to be emailed or printed?

Follow the below instructions on how to resize the photos and re-attach them to the inspection report

Why does this happen? 

The inspection app is designed to compress the images taken so that you can fit X amount of photos into the PDF file generated and have it emailed out or printed within Palace successfully.

However, if a client takes photos outside of the app and manually adds them to the inspection report, you may run into some trouble. Photos taken on devices such as iPads, mobile phones, digital cameras etc. are saved in their normal HD quality file size. Some images can be 1Mb and over depending on the device used to take the photo.

To be able to email a file out within Palace, the file must be less than 20Mb, which is the general limit across other email domains, though each domain setup is different. If a client has attached X amount of their photos taken outside of the app, the report will most likely be generated to be over the 20Mb limit and therefore will not be able to be emailed or printed.

Follow the below steps on how to compress the inspection photos and re-add them for the client to successfully email or print the report out.

Resizing the images

Open the below link which will take you to the below screen. Drag and drop all the photo’s that need to be compressed into where it says "Drag and Drop Images here.

Once your photos are successfully imported, you should see the below screen.

You do NOT need to make any changes to the default settings, go ahead and ‘Start' resizing. The resizing shouldn’t take too long but will depend on the original file size and the number of photos being resized.


If you would like to test a single photo to see the outcome you can then work on others in bulk. The default is set at 50% size of the original photo. The higher the percentage (70%, 80%, etc.) the larger the size of the photo.

Once done you should see the green complete screen as below -


 Finding your photos 

If you’re using chrome, your new photos will be at the bottom of your web page and are compressed into a zip file by default. If you use another web browser, you will most likely find the photos in your download’s folder. Click on the little arrow drop box and select the option

‘show in folder’ to be taken to the direct folder.

From here, double click on the zip file and you should see a preview of all your new photos as per the screenshot. Highlight all the photos, drag and drop them to your desktop or into a folder in case there is a large number. Drop the photos into an easy to find area for when you need to place them into Palace.



Editing your inspection

You can now add the newly resized photos to the existing inspection report in the diary by clicking on the "Images" tab and dragging the photos into the area.
NOTE: Renaming the photos is not necessary, however, it would better on the inspection report.

To review the report you can generate and download it.

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