My Inspection Report won't print - PDF File error

I am in my Inspection report and have click on Print, it processed and then downloaded but when I go to open it, I get an error. PDF Failed to Print

Answer:  There are a few reasons why this might happen and they are all related to the images.

1) There may be too many images - e.g over 1000. In this case untick some and print and then go back and print the rest

2) Some images may have been renamed or added manually, and will not be in the correct numbering format. Every photo should have a number as below. If any are missing numbers please double click and rename by adding the number. Each photo must be named uniquely, also check that there is no characters like / etc, as that will also block the report


3) If some photos have been taken by other means i.e not through the App, they may be too big. Photos taken through the app are automatically resized. here is the link to the help file to resize photos in bulk.

4) If it is nothing above, then the file may have just had a glitch when processing, you need to process again but in order for Palace to pick up the file fresh you have to trick it in thinking it is a new report. Go to the Title on the Details tab and put a space in, then process again



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