Integration with Ask Nicely

We have an API already set up with Ask Nicely.

Once you have signed up with them and they have set you up, you will need to contact us with the information given to you by Ask Nicely.

The integration works exactly as follows with 'Owners' and 'Tenancies' only ... (The triggers are pre-defined by the service and cannot be setup by a user)
Owners Triggers: Sync with all owner with the following criteria (NOTE: Owner must have and email obviously)
1. Owner IS NOT archived and had a transaction within the last 3 months. (Surveying current owners)
2. Owner IS archived and had a transaction within the last month. (Surveying recent owners that have left
Tenancy Triggers: The Sync with all tenancies with the following criteria (NOTE: Tenancies must have email obviously)
1. Tenancy IS NOT archived
2. Tenancy does NOT have a 'Vacate Date' or the 'Vacate Date' is in the future.
Rules regarding triggering a survey through syncing...
The system uses the AskNicely API 'Contact Rules' to decided whether to send a survey immediately or wait a certain period of time (generally by default it is setup to go out straight away as below 0 days)...
The integration will Obey these Rules, so if these are adjusted you could just have our system syncing the contacts and then sending out at a later time which you can get help with from AskNicely.  However, if it hasn't been configured properly and is just using the defaults, surveys will go out immediately.
At the moment this is the only syncing that occur.  You can NOT add your own triggers in Palace as they require special queries created in the background that will trigger the sync through the API.
Please be aware:   As soon as we connect this integration, survey's will automatically start going out to all your owners and tenants.  This will undoubtedly cause loads of people to email your property managers asking questions etc... so please make sure all your property managers are aware that these are going out (especially at the beginning of this process).  Make sure your templates are all setup correctly in Ask Nicely.
This process works on regions and branches for your Palace users.  Every property manager must have the following highlighted fields filled in.  This is a way of grouping 'Property Managers' in the Ask Nicely system.  So if you don't want 'Insights' specifically broken up this way you could type anything into this field so you can get some relevant statistics grouped in this fashion...
you could decide to put... 'Senior Property Managers' in the 'Region' field and 'Above 100 Properties' in the 'Branch' or something like that.
you could decide to put... 'Junior Property Managers' in the 'Region' field and 'Above 100 Properties' in the 'Branch' or something like that. 
or you could break it down by teams and sub-teams...
Whatever, you decide these fields MUST be filled in for ALL property managers for their contacts to sync across
Once these fields are filled in and you're ready to go, please let us know.
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