Processing the Inspection - Charging and rolling the inspection over


Once you have completed the inspection, you need to process it in Palace so that the following can take place -

  • Charge the Owner - This will take the money and GST from the property and move it into the Inspection Ledgers.
  • Roll the inspection over by the frequency you have chosen i.e 13 weeks to the next due date.

Processing the Inspection (Chargeable)

  • Click on Dashboard - Click on the Property Charges Tab
  • You will see two separate Chargeable and Insufficient Funds. Chargeable means the owner has enough money and you can process them. 

Note: If you have done an inspection in advance of its due date, go into the Property - Property Inspections area and adjust the next date to the date you completed it. Return to the Dashboard reminders to see that inspection in the list.

  • Tick the properties you want to process
  • Click on the Green processing arrow 
    (The forward button, will allow you to forward the inspection and roll over the frequency but will not put a charge against the owner)
  • A pop-up box will appear, Transaction Date, check it is the date you want
  • Click Process
  • A green pop up box will let you know if has been processed successfully.

The funds will be taken off the property and moved to the Inspection Ledger. If you charge $0.00 for your inspections, this charge will appear on the owner statement, notifying them that you have completed an inspection and $0.00 has been charged.

The inspection will be rolled over to the new inspection date. Each property diary and the property inspection area will be updated.


Processing the Inspection (Insufficient funds)

If you have completed an inspection and you are ready to process the charge, however, the property has insufficient funds at the time, you have two options on how to handle this.

  1. You leave the charge and wait until the property has enough funds to process the inspection charge - Ideal for properties that you know have a continuous flow of rent coming in on a week to week basis. If this is the case, simply follow the above instructions, once the property shows in the green chargeable area.
  2. You 'create the next inspection' charge - This option, allows you to roll the next inspection date without actually processing the original charge.  (This is on the drop down by the Edit button)
    Using the 'Create Next' option, Palace will create a new inspection charge with a new date (based on the inspection frequency) which means you won't miss the next inspection date.
    In the system, you will be left with two inspection charges, the original and the newly created one. Using this option will remove the repetitive period setup against the original charge as well as update the diary group that it belongs to - This process avoids any potential double-ups for inspection charges.

NOTE: Create Next, is only available for inspection charges and those that are sitting under the insufficient fund's segment.


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