Archiving with a Amount Owing - Tenant

You can archive a tenant with rent arrears, just remember to make a note about why you are wiping the debt.

If the tenant owes for a Invoice or has a credit against them for an Invoice, you cannot archive them without clearing it.

Below are the easy ways to clear these invoices in order to archive them. (This is only if you are wiping the debt if they owe, or not paying out the credit to them if in credit)

Tenant still Owes

Example: Bill Turncoat over $150.00 in invoices - you are not going to be able to collect the money so you want to wipe it. 

You can either reverse the invoice (If just the one invoice) Or if there are many invoices that make up that amount.

You can do a negative Tenant Invoice

Click on Transactions

Go to Invoice Tenancy

Fill in as normal but put a - in front of the amount e.g -$150.00

This effectively reverses the charges. making is 0.00


Tenant has a credit.

Example: Kelly Monsoon has overpaid her water and is showing $56.00 in credit, we have decided not to refund it to her as she has already moved overseas.

Go to transactions and create a tenant invoice for that amount

Remember to pick up the amount against the invoice.

The invoice will take up the credit and that will zero the amount


Now you can archive the tenant


Note: if you do this in a new month, it will mean the property thinks it had a transaction so you will not be able to archive the property until the following month. 




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