Preparing the Inspection Notification letters in Bulk

There are two ways to produce the Inspection Notification letters to the tenants.

Individually through correspondence:

  • Find a tenant in your Current Tenant List
  • Drop down on the right-hand side arrow
  • Go to the Diary
  • Click on Correspondence.
  • See the Diary help file for more information

Bulk mail merge for multiple tenants

  • Click on Tenant
  • Click on Custom View and select your Inspection Custom View
  • Fill in the filters, select the user, select the dates
  • Select the tenants you would like to send a letter to by ticking them
  • Check it off against the Reports
  • Select the letter template you would like to use from the top right-hand side
  • Click on Merge
  • This will take you to the
  • Your letter will now show on the screen. Make any necessary changes
  • When completed, close the tab and repeat the above steps, choosing email instead of print


Upon selecting ‘email’, the following screen will appear:



  • Change the name of the document in the ‘Email Details’ field if necessary, as this text will appear in the subject line of your email to the tenants. Attach a document using the ‘Choose Files’ button if you want to, otherwise you can send these letters by clicking ‘send emails’. If necessary, you can select SMS in your document templates and send out SMS reminders instead or in addition to these letters.


NOTE: These letters, emails or SMS messages will be saved in each tenant diary.


New update 10/02/2023

Inspections: Send notifications from Export list:Another time saver being released this month, we have added the ability for Users to send inspection notifications via Email/Print/SMS directly from the Inspections Export list.



NOTE: The tenant information displayed in the 'Create Mail Merge' screen is read-only, this allows the user to review the information before sending the notification emails/letters.

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