Prepare bulk inspection notification letters

There are two ways to produce the Inspection Notification letters to the tenants.

Individually through correspondence:

  • Go to Tenancy > Current tenancies
  • Search for the tenant
  • Click on the tenant's full name
  • Click on Diary
  • Click on Correspondence
  • Click the Template drop-down
  • Search for your letter
  • Click Generate

Bulk email correspondence.png


Bulk mail merge for multiple tenants

  • Go to Tenancy > Custom Views
  • Search for your inspection custom view
  • Click on the custom view's name
  • Click the plus sign at the top right-hand side of the screen

Bulk email correspondence (2).png

  • Fill in the filters to your specifications
  • Select the letter template you would like to use from the top right-hand side
  • Tick the tenants you would like to send the letter
  • Check it off against the Reports
  • Click on Merge
  • The letter will now appear on the screen
  • Make any necessary changes
  • When done > Click on Email

Upon selecting ‘email’, the following screen will appear:

Bulk email correspondence Email.png

  • Change the name under the email details heading as this text will appear in the subject line of your email to the tenants
  • Attach a document, if needed, by using the Choose Files button
  • Otherwise, click send emails
  • If necessary, you can select SMS in your document templates and send out SMS reminders instead or in addition to these letters

Note: These letters, emails or SMS messages will be saved in each tenant's diary.

New update 10/02/2023

Inspections: Send notifications from the Export list: Another time saver, we have added the ability for users to send inspection notifications via Email/Print/SMS directly from the Inspections Export list.

Bulk email correspondence export list.png

Note: The tenant information displayed in the Create Mail Merge screen is read-only, this allows the user to review the information before sending the notification emails/letters.

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