Preparing Inspections for Uploading to App and Printing


Preparing for your Inspections                                                                                      

Print the upcoming inspection report. You have two choices, you can print the list from Property Reports – Inspections or you can go to Property Inspections and run that report.

Below are the instructions for Property Inspection – Filter and Reports

Prepare and send the Inspection Notification Letter to your tenants.

 Filtering Inspections

  • Go to Property Inspections (Left hand side menu)
  • Fill in your filters - Property manager, Inspection Type, Dates from and To
  • Showing on the screen now, will be the inspections due in the date range that you have selected
  • If you want to change the dates to all show the same date, tick the ones you want
  • Go up to the cog (top right) and click on drop down arrow. Select change Date, type in the date and click OK
  • Now the inspection will be showing the date you wanted
  • To print a report, click on the cog and choose reports, follow the settings and generate the report
  • To export to your Inspection App
  • Tick all the inspections you want to send to your APP (Remember you can send up your whole portfolio if you want to, these instructions are for a selection only) 
  • Click on upload
  • These are now uploading to your phone, when complete they will show on your phone  (See the help instructions for the Inspection App for more information)
  • You are ready to do your letters


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