7th June, 2019

Fresh off the long weekend and straight into conquering another end of the month, we have a few releases to start June off the right way!

Property - Inspections: Our first updated task is a simple 'well that's annoying' issue we found with selecting your properties to be 'uploaded' via the property inspections screen. For those that may not be aware, this issue was related to the page navigation when selecting your properties to 'upload' to your app. This has now been fixed to respond the way you expect it to. 

Here is a quick preview of the issue, where you can see the page automatically go back to page 1 after making a selection on page 2:


Auto-Fill Toggle: When changing the Auto-Fill toggle from On to Off (or vice versa), the system will now remember your choice and keep them saved across all edit screens for your owners, properties, tenants & suppliers.


New Suppliers - Defaults: Speaking of the Auto-fill toggle, when this is set to ON and you're adding a new supplier, you'll notice that the Company Name will auto-fill into the default invoice details section (found under the financial tab of your supplier edit screen). With your newly added suppliers, you can now expect to see the payment method default to 'Direct Credit', also found under the Financial tab.

Reports - Tenancy Date Defaults: When generating our Tenancy Details, Tenancy Rent Summary & Tenant Overdue Rent reports, you will now notice that the date fields default to the previous day's date. As we're receipting in our rents for yesterday, it only makes sense that we have our tenant reports generate using yesterday's date as well, right?

Not to worry, this date field is still an editable field and you can adjust the date to generate your reports using the 'current date' or even a future date if you need.

Invoices - Remove attachments: Setting up repeat charges to pay off one 'big' invoice amount but don't need to have the physical invoice attached each time? Perhaps you have some repeat invoices that are due every so often that also don't need the attachments sent per transaction.

Now you have the ability to remove all linked attachments on multiple invoices in one go. In your Supplier Invoice section, you will now find the below option ready to use. Simply tick the invoices you need to have attachments removed for and click our new button below before confirming you're happy to proceed.


NOTE: As you are effectively deleting a 'diary entry', you will need to have authority to delete diary entries within your user setting to process the above action.

Reports - Supplier Unpaid: Seeing double entries on your unpaid invoices report? Don't worry you have not been alone! Thankfully, this was a 'report' only issue and did not mean that you had duplicate invoices entered against your properties/suppliers.

We've successfully identified the issue and you can now expect to see only 'current' unpaid invoices upon generating your unpaid report.

Help Widget - Autofill: Our final item on our release this week is a minor change related to our help widget. Now when you opt to send our amazing support team a request, you will note that the company name & email address will be automatically filled out for you.

That means fewer clicks and fewer keys that need to be entered when sending a request for help!



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