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We have been working hard in the background to solve the current inspection app issues. The following changes are expected at the end of June 2019.

The changes will involve multiple components of the software related to inspections as-well-as changes to the Android and iOS apps.

A new App will be issued as 'Palace Liquid Mobile App' The main purpose of this new app is to increase the robust nature of the inspection and upload process. The new App will have the following features:

  • The ability to deal with 2 separate inspection templates (Full and Routine will be completely separate now). This will provide simplicity from a user perspective. There will NOT be an option for BOTH within one template.
  • The ability to store 2 historic reports (The last 'Full' and the last' Routing inspection). The App will use either of these reports as a template for the previous inspection if they exist depending on if the user has selected 'Full' or 'Routine' as an option for inspection. If these inspections do not exist, the app will select the 'Full' or 'Routine' template.
  • The app will be limited to 1000 images per inspection. If an inspection requires more than this, the app will recommend using a 'Video Inspection' instead.
  • This App will still maintain all the other features of the previous App in terms of Work Orders/Video/SMS/Emails etc.
  • The ability to upload an inspection in one go, it will stay on the App until it is fully received in Palace (to avoid loss of inspection images or information)

Change in Palace itself

  • The software will be updated to deal with 2 separate inspection templates (Full and Routine will be completely separate now) to align with the App changes.
    This will stop the dropping of rooms and features that occur currently between full and routine as they are not separate templates.
  • Incoming inspections will be clearly marked as 'Routine' or 'Full' so the service knows which 2 latest historic inspections to sync. There will need to be a new 'User Defined' toggle to indicate which is which.
  • No more than 1000 images will be allowed to be added to a single inspection from within the core App (to coincide with the App Limit). If the total inspection in MB is more than the limit of email sending, the system will split the report to be emailed in 2 separate emails (part 1 and 2) so as to be able to email larger reports.
  • System toggle to indicate new or old service initially to transition as smoothly as possible.
  • There is a video for your ease of reference:


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