Why are the Work Orders not sending from my Inspection App?

For iOS - Apple Phones
Emails sent from the app for work orders are sent from the user's email account that is linked to the device.
It's not a 'palace' sent an email so it's not something we can track on our end but can be tracked by the user.
Eg. My iPhone is linked to my Gmail account. When I send an email for my work order from the app, this email will be sent from my Gmail account and therefore I should be able to check my 'sent' items in my Gmail and find a trail there.
Same rules apply when sending an SMS or making a call from the device.
All of it is logged against the device/user itself and is outside of Palace.
Work Orders- You will get a pop up asking you if you want to upload this work order to Palace, if you confirm,
the work order will go to Palace and an email is sent to the supplier, if and only if, you have internet connection and your work order is uploaded successfully straight away. 
This sends a 'version' of the work order email (It's more like a summary and not the same as the Palace generated version).
However, if this is uploaded manually via the 'uploads' screen then NO email is sent.
For Android
The work order has to be uploaded into Palace manually and then sent, it is not sent from the device.
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