Deleting and Adding merge fields into Document Templates

Sometimes your letter may have the wrong merge fields, some times this can just be a matter of setting up the wrong one but it also could happen in the move from Live to Liquid due to field names changing.


  1. Go to System - Document Templates
  2. Find the letter you require, click on the drop down arrow and click Edit Document.
  3. Find the merge field you want to change or replace, put your cursor into the middle of the word
  4. Right click and click on delete field
  5. Now leaving the cursor where you want it
  6. Go to the top of the page, you will see palace merge fields
  7. Either scroll through the list or click into the list and start typing the name of the merge field that you want. 
  8. Click on it and it now sits in your letter
  9. When you have finished, save and close


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